Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

From spotlights to festive displays, illuminate what you’ve been missing

Customers often forget to add outdoor lighting to their new landscape. But why let that stunning design get lost in the dark? Decorative outdoor lighting can be the finishing touch to carry a beautiful design from day to night.

Darkness limits a property’s usable outdoor space. But by installing strategic boundary lighting, you can visually extend the perimeter of your home or office at night. Not only will you enjoy the view inside and out, but outdoor lighting will also provide a sense of security and safety.

While simple pagoda lights lining a walkway or patio are beautiful, we take it one step further here at Precision Landscape. Our goal is to create layers of light to accentuate the character of your home or property, all while staying within your budget. During the planning phase, we determine your specific lighting needs and wants. Whether it’s highlighting a special tree, spotlighting your favorite bench, or emphasizing your patio, we can make it happen.


The holiday season is busy enough. Let us free up some of your time by installing your holiday decor this year! Our professional crews create that magical holiday feeling with mini-lights, wreaths, LED lights, mixed greens and much more. Plus, we will take down the decor at the end of the season at no additional cost!